Fundraising - Salsa Starter


SalsaStarter is a great new way to help raise money for various programs, events and activities for your group. With our new concept for making Salsa it will be easy to sell. Customers can customize the Salsa to their taste and level of heat and enjoy telling others they made it. Fundraisers, local events, church, school, or baseball, soccer, football, basketball leagues make extra money at your local festival by selling SalsaStarter.

Do you need extra income? We encourage entrepreneurs, college students, Retirees to take a box to your local Festival and make some extra CASH. Take a few boxes on the road when you travel to that special event or festival and make some cash to pay for your trip.

This is a great way for you organization to raise money and have fun doing it. Another great selling point is you can set-up and give out samples to help promote your sales. We can also supply you with all your needs like chips, containers, banners, etc. at an additional charge.

More info for your fundraisers needs send us an email and will get back with you promptly.