About Us - Salsa Starter

About Us

Salsa Starter is a concentrate “base” that is used for making restaurant style salsa. Just by adding a few ingredients you can have fresh salsa in just a few minutes. Its so good your family and friends will think you made the salsa from scratch.

…more than just a Salsa; it can be used as a marinade, in beans, chili, hamburger meat, soups, & more…

We use only fresh ingredients and personally sample each batch we make.

Salsa Starter was developed for our family and friends that moved away, so we removed the biggest expense “shipping cost”. Now we can send them SalsaStarter and in just a few minutes they have that great tasting salsa from back home.

Salsa Starter is more of a restaurant style salsa that is easy to make and customize to your taste and level of hotness just the way you like it…. mmmm. I’ve given away 1,000′s of samples to friends, family and customers, so I would be ready to serve my internet customers well. I’ve been improving packaging and developing the business for the internet.

Our target audience are salsa lover’s that have moved away and would like a little taste of home mailed to them. We only use the finest ingredients, and prepare each batch as we were making it for our own family or should I say our internet family. Customers love the ability to change the ingredient’s to make it their way.

We also provide discounts for Fundraisers, Festivals, Church events, Sport Fundraisers, Entrepreneurs, or the Retired person that travels and wants’ a little extra income….

“We start it… you finish it!”

Lafe Talley – Creator of Salsa Starter